Blog Post #10:

I choose these layouts because, I thought I did well on these pieces for this draft layout portion. I also chose them because, they look like they would be an interesting edgy News lay out for a magazine. It also makes certain things that are about or the topic pop out more; for example, the first one makes a reference of the topic on both pages of the layout which then continues and makes your eyes easily move from one to another and the colors are not too harsh, but show the importance i.e. the red sign and white sign.


Blog Post #9:


I chose these colors because, when I think of news I think of edgy and trying to catch the views attention with the hard truth that the writer or artist is trying to express.

I also chose them because, it reminds me of justice and truth to many citizen and people.

The reason I have some neutral tone colors is because I do not want everything to be edgy and popping out otherwise, it would be confusing, random, and just difficulty for it to be legible & readable.

color palette

Color Palette

color palette





Blog post # 7:

Bernie Sanders is a democratic, but favors policies similar to democratic socialism, and is running for president of the United States.

Sanders is the senator of Vermont.

He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

While attending University of Chicago Sandwrs was an active civil rights protest organize for the Congress or Racial Equalityand Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.

Issues he discusses on his campaign include: campaign finance reform, corporate welfare, global warming, income inequaliy, LGBT rights, parental leave, universal healthcare, and ISIS.

He is a politician that cares, talks about subjects that need to be talk about and has proof of things he has been involved in.





Blog #6:

News Magazine

  • HEADLINE: 50 Questions with (Bernie Sanders)
  • DECK:  He/She has been called every name under the sun. We decided to find out who this so-called villain really is.
  • BYLINE: By Janet Marion

I choose the News Magazine because, I like writing edgy persuasive essays. I choose Bernie Sanders since he is one of few people running for president. Also because, politics is a very big topic within the social media world which is what most news or newspapers that write edgy persuasive articles. 

Blog Post #5:

The typeface “Georgia” gives off a certain comforting, historical, and slight eligant appeal. This typeface classification is the Serif and Old Style. Matthew Carter design this typeface in 1996 because, he wanted to create clarity on a low resolution screen with some character and charm.

Blog 4:

I believe that the Georgia typeface would be warm, comforting, happy, and eligant, but nothing too fancy. I choose these examples of expression just by the way I rendered the word and typeface “Georgia” and how I wanted to make it feel as a display in the Display Type assignment. Also, I like this typeface’s personality because, depending on an adversiment it can be used in a way to make it feel comforting and slightly eligant to catch the views eye more; whether or not it is in bold or italic.